Weigh & Fill Machines

Are you currently filling your products by hand? The next progressive step is to use a semi-automatic weigh and fill machine. There are three types: Volumetric Fill: Semi Weigh & fill for free flow powder, granules such as rice, seeds, nuts, beans, sugar salt. Net Weigher: For hard to flow products such as chips, cookies, candy, dried fruit, flakes & mix. Auger Fill: For powder, cream, paste, butter, putty or minced meat, coffee.

Volumetric Cup Filling System

10-1100-ASP-100-AFor Approximately 2-8oz of Rice30 Liters
10-1100-BSP-100-BFor Approximately 8-16oz of Rice30 Liters
10-1100-CSP-100-CFor Approximately 16-32oz of Rice50 Liters
10-1100-DSP-100-DFor Approximately 1-5 lbs (2x) of Rice50 Liters

PCI Linear Net Weighing Filler

NEW: PCDCS-1B-111 Auger Filler

– 10-3,000gm Fill
– 10-30 per minute
– Dust Proof Cover with clear view panel
– Weigh Scale Check
– 1 Set of Auger Tooling
– Agitation with Fill or Continuous
– Digital Electronic Counter Fill Control
– Self-Diagnostic LED Display
– Manual Foot Switch or Automatic Fill
– 220 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz


NEW: PC-GS-S2 (Short) Screw Conveyor

– Stainless Steel Hopper, 100 Liter (50kg) capacity
– Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor / Round Screw 102mm Diameter
– Fixed Speed Motor / Hopper Vibrator
– Auto-Sensor to control ON & OFF
– 2 Cubic Meters (500 – 1,000 kg) per hour
– Discharge Height 6 feet @ 45 degrees
– 220 V, 1 PH, 50-60 Hz, 550 W
– Approximate Size: 8.6′ H x 3′ x 7′ , 120 kg

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