Vacuum Bags : Laminated (2-Layers)

Vacuum Packaging is the process of removing air around a food product and then sealing that product in an impermeable package.


Advantages of using vacuum packaging:

CodeThickness & SizeShop Now
13-01003mil X 5" X 6.25"Shop Now
13-01013mil X 6" X 8"Shop Now
13-01023mil X 6" X 8.5"Shop Now
13-01033mil X 6" X 10"Shop Now
13-01043mil X 6" X 12"Shop Now
13-010453mil X 6" X 15"Shop Now
13-010473mil X 6" X 20"Shop Now
13-01053mil X 7" X 9"Shop Now
13-010553mil x 7" X 10"Shop Now
13-01063mil X 8" X 10"Shop Now
13-01073mil X 8" X 12"Shop Now
13-01083mil X 8" X 15"Shop Now
13-010833mil X 8" X 18"Shop Now
13-010853mil X 8" X 22"Shop Now
13-01093mil X 10" X 13"Shop Now
13-01103mil X 10" X 15"Shop Now
13-01113mil X 10" X 18"Shop Now
13-01123mil X 10" X 22"Shop Now
13-01133mil X 12" X 15"Shop Now
13-01143mil X 12" X 18"Shop Now
13-011423mil X 12" X 20"Shop Now
13-011483mil X 14" X 18"Shop Now
13-01153mil X 14" X 20"Shop Now
13-01163mil X 16" X 22"Shop Now
13-01173mil X 16" X 26"Shop Now
13-011753mil X 16" X 30"Shop Now
13-01183mil X 18" X 22"Shop Now
13-01193mil X 18" X 28"Shop Now
13-01203mil X 20" X 28" Shop Now
13-01223mil X 22" X 26"Shop Now
13-01515mil X 25" X 32"Shop Now
________________________________________________Shop Now
13-02023mil X 6" X 8.5" Boilable Vacuum BagsShop Now
13-02073mil X 8" X 12" Boilable Vacuum BagsShop Now
13-02103mil X 10" X 15" Boilable Vacuum BagsShop Now
13-02153mil X 14" X 18" Boilable Vacuum BagsShop Now
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