Bag Neck Tape Sealers

To be used with Bag Neck Tapes, these sealers provide a quick and easy way to seal poly bags, most notably bread bags. Different colored Bag Neck Tapes can be used to make the product stand out. The Bag Neck Sealers are very easy to use. Simply fill the bag, twist and bundle the top portion (neck) of the bag, and push the bundle through the Bag Neck Sealer, where the tape will form a tight wrap around the neck of the bag.

Please see our colorful Bag Neck Tapes.

03-0201605 K Metal Bag Neck Sealer$19.95
03-0202606 STK (Stainless) Bag Neck Sealer$29.95
03-0301606 Heavy Duty Bag Neck Sealer$49.95

Plastic Bag Ribbon Coder

Looking for a way to put an expiration date code or a batch number code on your plastic bags? Look no further as this Ribbon Coder is perfect for all types of bags. It comes with a full set of numbers and letters, and it uses actual black ribbon so that your coding will look great. It can be used manually with a foot-pedal, or semi-automatically with the coding mechanism pressing down at preset intervals. 

*Prints up to 2 lines *Prints in less than a second per bag!

Description Price
Semi Automatic Ribbon CoderUse for: To code batch number, expiration date on bags & pouches. $899.00

Food Wrapper

for Meats, Fish, Produce, and More!
Looking for a way to sell your meats professionally like those in the supermarkets? Here is a perfect companion to get you started. Simply use our food-grade Ominifilm with this Food Wrapper and you will have the ideal packaging for your meats, fish, poultry, produce, and even baked goods. This Food Wrapper utilizes a teflon-covered hot plate and a cutting rod to make the usage of the Omnifilm very easy.
Hand Operated Food Wrapper 600A 110V$524.00
Hand Operated Food Wrapper 625A 110V$497.80
Teflon Cover 6" x 15"$23.00


-Hand Strap-$49.95
15-0102Poly Strap Seals 5/8" (closed)Per Bag of 100$12.50
15-0101PP Strap5/8" X 3300' Yellow$36.00
07-0201Hand StaplerEach$150.00
07-0202Foot StaplerEach$695.00
-Semi Automatic Strapping-$1,500.00
15-0103White Strapping Roll1/2" X 9,900 ft.$75.00
07-03012" Tape Dispenser-$10.50
07-0407New Packner Netting & Plastic Bag Clipper-$198.00 / Each
15-0511Staples for above 711-$6.80 / 2000
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