OPP / CPP Laminated Bags

OPP / CPP laminated bags are made of two layers of PP Film designed to be an excellent moisture barrier. These also provide high clarity and come with a built-in tear notch for easy-opening

High Clarity Moisture Barrier Bag
Tear Notch for Easy Opening
Keeps Spices Fresh & Preserves Aroma
2 Moisture Barrier Layers Laminated
Keeps Original Crunchiness

Suitable for Packaging


CodeSizeIncludesWeightGood For 
13-40503" wide x 5" long Fin-Sealed, Tear Notch3 lbs / 1000Shop Now
13-40604" wide x 6" long Fin-Sealed, Tear Notch4 lbs / 1000Shop Now
13-40654.5" wide x 5.75" longFin-Sealed, Tear NotchShop Now
13-40685" wide x 6.75" longFin-Sealed, Tear NotchShop Now
13-40705" wide x 8" long Fin-Sealed, Tear Notch8 lbs / 1000Shop Now
13-40806" wide x 10" longFin-Sealed, Tear NotchShop Now
13-40908" wide x 12" longFin-Sealed, Tear NotchShop Now
13-4165 5.5" wide x 6" longFin-Sealed, Tear Notch
Hang Hole
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