Cup & Tray Sealers

Easy to Use semi-auto machines for applying a lidding film over your plastic cups or trays. Simply fill the cup or tray, and load it into the mould. Then the machine will automatically take the cup/tray in and use heat and pressure to apply an easy-peel lidding film. This acts as a tamper-evidence for your products, as well as preserving the freshness of the product. There are also optional systems to do a gas flushing or vacuum available. Great for Liquids like Gelato, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Fruit Puree, Sauces, as well as other snack items like candies, fruits, and much more!

**NEW** PC-533 Semi-Auto Cup Sealer

PC-59L1 Semi-Auto Sealer Base Model

Optional Coder Shown

PC-900L1 Semi-Auto Sealer Base Model

PC-22R2 Automatic Cup Sealer

PCET-80 Automatic Rotary Cup / Tray Sealer

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