Net Bags

Suitable for Packaging

  • Fresh Produce
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Toys, Gifts
  • Baskets
  • Tools, and more...


  • Your Name and Logo can be printed with a minimum of 50,000 pieces
CodeSizeColorShip WeightPrice 
22-04515.5" X 12"Red10 lbs./1000$59.00
22-045155.5" X 14"Red11 lbs./1000$64.00
22-04525.5" X 17"Red12 lbs./1000$67.25
22-04535.5" X 23"Red14 lbs./1000$71.25
22-05515.5" X 12"Green10 lbs./1000$59.00
22-05525.5" X 17"Green12 lbs./1000$67.25
22-05535.5" X 17"Yellow12 lbs./1000$67.25
22-067112" wide Netting Roll 2,000'Red11 lbs./Roll$33.00Shop Now
22-067212" wide Netting Roll 2000'Yellow11 lbs./Roll$33.00Shop Now
22-067312" wide Netting Roll 2,000'Green11 lbs./Roll$33.00Shop Now
22-067412" wide Netting Roll 2,000'White11 lbs./Roll$33.00Shop Now
22-067512" wide Netting Roll 2,000'Orange11 lbs./Roll$33.00Shop Now
22-060112" Netting Roll 16,000'Red77 lbs./Roll$240.00
22-060212" Netting Roll 16,000'Yellow77 lbs./Roll$240.00
22-060312" Netting Roll 16,000'Green77 lbs./Roll$240.00
22-060412" Netting Roll 16,000'White77 lbs./Roll$240.00
22-060512" Netting Roll 16,000'Orange77 lbs./Roll$240.00
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