Form Fill & Seal

Form Fill & Seal (FFS)
Automatic Weighing/Filling & Packing for free flow powders, granules, bakery products, irregular objects, as well as liquids like icicles, juices, and sauces. Each Model is custom-tailored to your product. Call 305-887-1713 Today for more information!

PCET-2A3 Fully Automatic Liquid Form Fill & Seal Machine

* ONLY $5,995.00 !! * Automatically forms a 3-Side Sealed Bag
* Great for Sauces, Sauce Packets, Ketchup Packets, Honey, Hot Sauce, Icicles, Alcoholic Icicles, Hand Sanitizer, Gels, Juices, and much more!
* MAX Pouch Size: 2.5" wide x 6" long
* Speed: About 10-12 per minute (depending on volume and product)
* External Air Required: 3hp, 30 gallons
* Dimensions: 80cm x 45cm x 135cm

* Clear Films in Stock and Printed Films Available. Artwork is FREE!!

* Ribbon Coder for Expiration Date, Lot# is Optional



Vertical FFS - Heavy Duty Model

* Can product bags with widths from 2" to 11" and lengths from 3" to 19"
* With Speeds up to 60 bags per minute
* Pre-Installed Software and 5.7" Touch Screen for easy adaptation to different products and settings
* Interchangeable Forming Collar for a Quick Changeover
* Dual Belt Advancing System to facilitate reliable film run with length control
* Rice, Beans, Powders, Cheese Balls, Coffee, Liquids, and much more

Vertical FFS - Smaller Stick Pack Powder Model

* Great for small powder applications such as drink powder mixes, sugar, and much more
* Color Touch-Screen delivers user-friendly operation
* Accurate pouch length control by quality step motor
* Accurate auger rotation by step motor
* Interchangeable auger screws and shafts for different volumes of product

SP-Series Vertical FFS for Powders/Granules

For Packaging Powder or Granulated products such as coffee, peanuts, sugar, salt, and much more

SP-L Series Vertical FFS for Liquids

For Packaging Liquids and Pastes like shampoo, ketchup, juices, jellies, toothpaste, creams, honey, and much more

SP-C Series Vertical FFS with Infeed Conveyor

For Packaging Irregular Products such as brushes, bolts, nuts, pills, and much more

Horizontal Flow Wrapper

*For Packaging Bakery Products, Hardware, Candies, Biscuits, Breads, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and much more
*Length from 65-140mm, Width from 30-280mm, Height maximum of 90mm
*Pre-Installed Software and 5.7" Touch Screen for easy adaptation to different products and settings
*Gas Flushing is available as an option
*Many Models Available Made to Fit Your Products