Shrink Bags

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Dome Shrink Bags
What is Shrink Wrap?
A clear plastic film is first sealed around the product, forming a bag, then subjected to heat, shrink tightly. Shrink Wrap adds luster, enhances appearence, keeps out dust & moisture. It reduces laberling labor and materail costs, and can wrap unusual shapes. Shrink Wrap is also excellent for bundling, multipack promotions.

For Shrink Wrapping: Books, Magazines, Stationaries, Boxes, Toys, Crafts, Pictures, Baskets, Videos, Cards, Plats, Frames, Cups, Multipacks, Hardware, Radios, Cameras, Cookies, Household Products, Gifts, Dolls and Etc.

Note: Due to continuing price increase imposed by the major resins producers, there may be price increases on custom print plastic bags and stock items. We apologize for any inconvenience.